About Me

Originally from London, I grew up in Sarajevo, Bosnia, which I still think of as my home. In Sarajevo, I had a whole host of adventures, and I still consider myself an adventurer at heart. I discovered my passion for art after attending one of my brother’s art lessons at school and took it up as a hobby, drawing silly thing for friends, though now I want to take it much further!

After eight amazing years living abroad in Sarajevo, I moved to Lublijana, Slovenia, where I lived for two years before moving back to London. Here in London, I have attended a couple of art classes that include life drawing and working with clay, yet my art is mainly self-taught.

Though art is by far and away my greatest passion, I also enjoy the company of my cat and lizard. Animals are my biggest inspiration for my drawings and paintings, but I want to experiment with drawing landscapes and humans as well!